Once, a neighbor asked for an estimate to restore a badly dilapidated, early 1800’s cabin on his property. He had been told again and again, to bulldoze it and start over. This 1000 sq. ft. cabin had collapsed porches, walls, flooring, foundation and roof, etc. Originally, rough slab lumber, hand hewn logs, and square nails! He gave us a “thumbs up” and his passion became ours. This was to become an interesting and the most beautiful restoration we’ve ever done. A very exciting project, a lot of work!

Our job was to recreate the taste and historical flavor of this cabin, using ancient refinished woods from the same era. Re-planed barn and mill woods took the place of the badly decomposed areas. We installed a metal roof, 64’ of stained and varnished poplar wrapped porches, new plumbing, electrical service, septic, and an incredible spring fed water supply! A rebuilt foundation, new floors and walls emerged. The final touches in drywall produced a tasteful, yet slightly modern feel to our 100% restoration!

It wasn’t cheap, but was exactly what we all desired. He moved in! Restoration of his piece of history that should last another 200 years!

How about yours?